King Wear GT08 Smartwatch is a remarkable watch from every angle. So, we intended to do a review on it, and here we are. In this review, we will enlight you that this beauty is many steps better than what it appears to be from the charming looks. Without wasting your precious time, let’s get into the details:


The chassis of the watch is crafted from Titanium and gives GT08 a solid look that it requires. Meanwhile, the strap is anti-allergic to the wearer’s skin. Also, the curved bezels are finely polished, and the metallic color glazes in the eyes further enhancing the charm of the smartwatch. Apart from this, the camera is clearly visible at the top front. Meanwhile, the back is a little bit curved. Moving to the sides, on the right, we can observe the traditional crown which plays a role as the home button perfectly. However, the head does not operate as rotating. It’s just simply a button which gives King Wear GT08 a classy touch. We are fascinated to see the speakers and a rectangular cover present on the left side. After pulling the cover, we get to see the Micro-USB port. The cover protects the port and hides it at the same time preventing the watch to show a plain view. The processor accompanies with64MB RAM and only 128MB of internal storage enough to run the apps. But, the memory is also expandable via Micro-SD card. King Wear GT08 has a circular arrangement of apps and a clock at the center. To whom does this style resemble? Hmm…Yeah! The same Apple watch.

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